Friday, October 24th, 2014

Creating Business Solutions to Poverty

MEDA Economic Development Associates, Tanzania (MEDA Tanzania) is a non-profit non-governmental organization (NGO) that is locally registered in Tanzania. Our main purpose is to alleviate poverty through sustainable economic development. We work with both government and the private sector to help accomplish our goals.

MEDA Tanzania is part of a global NGO called Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA). Headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, MEDA is an association of Christians, in business and the professions, committed to applying biblical teachings in the marketplace and sharing their faith, abilities and resources to address human needs through economic development.

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The Burden of Malaria

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In Tanzania, malaria is responsible for more than one-third of deaths among children under the age of 5 years and for up to one-fifth of deaths among pregnant women. Malaria also consumes an estimated 3.4% of national resources per year (GDP) making malaria a major contributor to the continuing cycle of poverty and stifled economic performance in Tanzania. It is not only a health, but also a major development and economic issue. Sadly, malaria is both preventable and treatable.

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  • MEDA Tanzania is at the forefront of the fight against malaria. The two programs we are currently working on are ensuring that every Tanzanian has the opportunity to protect themselves from malaria by using a bed net.
  • Learn more about the Tanzanian National Voucher Scheme and the Universal Coverage Campaign

Our Capabilities

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Established in 1986, MEDA Tanzania has extensive experience in various programs dealing with agricultural development, urban and rural microfinance operations, microenterprise training, and health-sector distribution programs. We are currently experts in voucher program implementation and operations and we are at the forefront of developing mobile technology solutions for health.

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